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Say no to Fire, Say yes to fire protect

Short Circuits in the Electrical Panels, Electrical Component enclosures such as PIU, SMPS, UPS, etc. are regular fire threats to any building, with constantly-running electrical equipment sometimes overloaded too are always prone to fire. Minor short circuits can spark major blazes. It is imperative for these locations to be sufficiently protected against damage from such fires.

Typical electrical enclosures include control panels, UPS, transformers/generators, cables, power vaults, SMPS, and other similar enclosures with wires and components, which can spark a fire at any time. Most of these can be found practically in any industrial or commercial space. These instruments are all prone to fires, which may occur due to various reasons, starting from improper installation and wire fatigue to overloaded circuits and equipment failure or malfunction. Should a fire occur in any of these locations, it could spread rapidly, destroying equipment, lives, and even the building

Using Flameprotect Quick Suppression System, the fire can be caught at a single location and extinguished before it can spread. It completely avoids the collateral damage that is caused due to other means of extinguishment like Water, Foam, etc. Moreover, because the system utilizes a non-damaging, non-corrosive extinguishing agent, there is no significant downtime required to restore the facility to a normal functional level.

Say no to Fire, Say yes to Fire Protection
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